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Our $7+ billion real estate portfolio* is designed to harness the macroeconomic drivers of the U.S. real estate market and position our clients for long-term growth.

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Multifamily apartments

With a boom in remote work and business-friendly local governments courting employers, more affordably-priced suburban apartment communities have generally experienced stable or growing demand. We’ve paid a lower price for these investments relative to their earnings, and expect a higher income yield in the near term, as well as the potential for greater appreciation over the long term to the extent that demand increases in the future.
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Single-family rentals

A variety of trends have now led to a good share of the population in need of more living space which they can rent for some time. Currently, this demand for single-family rentals (SFRs) has helped drive a level of asset price appreciation uncommon in the world of real estate. By purchasing these homes in volume directly from homebuilders and leasing them up ourselves as stabilized communities, we believe we can get better prices—and returns—than buying the “finished product.”
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Track record of client results

One of the most important questions that any investor should ask when evaluating a new investment advisor is “how have you performed for your existing clients so far?” With over 387,000 clients pursuing a wide range of objectives, the answer is more nuanced than a single number.


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